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Tell us about your family?

My family consists of my husband and my son. I still have both my parents (divorced back when I was 4) and a step mother…not the evil kind, she’s actually am amazing woman. I have a number of half and step siblings, 2.5 sets of grandparents still alive, and so many aunties and uncles that I couldn’t count or even name them all. Though to my defence, some live in the Europe and I’ve only met them back when I was one.

How do you write – lap top, pen, paper, in bed, at a desk?

I write everywhere and on whatever is available for me to write on. If I plan to write I’ll usually use my laptop and get comfy on the couch. On the flip side, if I’m writing new ideas about new stories or characters, I’ll grab my notebook and pen down the details. I have also gotten used to carrying pens and blank sheets of paper or tiny notebooks with me at all times when I’m out. For some reason, and usually when I’m driving, amazing and awesome things occur to me and I just have to pull over to write them down. These things range from scenes I’m currently working on to completely new ideas for a character or plot.

Where do you get support from? Do you have friends in the industry?

I am slowly meeting new people in the industry from other authors to editors etc. In the future I hope to have a great network of friends who I can offer support to and them to me. Right now though my main support comes from my family, my biggest cheerleaders being my husband and 4-year-old son.

How much sleep do you need to be your best?

Years ago I used to need 9+ hours, and even that were never enough. Fortunately these days 6-7 hours is plenty and instead of waking groggy and wanting to keep dozing, I’m instantly into my day.

Is there anyone you’d like to acknowledge and thank for their support?

I’ve said it a million times, and will probably say it a million more. Thank you to my loving and supportive husband and 4yo son. The birth of my son and suffering postpartum depression was the catalyst that ignited my need to write, to have an outlet to work through pain and darkness. Even at 4 his support through excitement means the world to me. And my husband is my rock and the confidence I need when mines lacking. Without them I wouldn’t be where I now am today.

Every writer has their own idea of what a successful career in writing is, what does success in writing look like to you?

I think success in writing is putting yourself out there and being able to touch the lives of random strangers with your writing. You don’t have to be J.K. Rowling or a New York Times Bestseller. For me, just knowing I’ve reached an audience and have people who love what I do is true success.

It is vital to get exposure and target the right readers for your writing, tell us about your marketing campaign?

I combine a concoction of social media, free eBook promotions, and am now launching this book tour. Other things I do is keep my website up to date, post author blogs and book news from my website, connect with readers and other authors, and get my book on as many online sites as possible, like Goodreads, which is also a great place to let readers know about your work. Marketing is a continual process, and I am still learning and discovering new ways to find people who’ll love reading my books.

Tell us about your new book? What’s it about and why did you write it?

What Lies Inside is about Amelia’s development from believing she’s human to accepting that she is and always has been a vampire. The novel delves into Amelia’s self-alienation in believing she’s not worthy as a person, and the progress of finding total and accepting love with a guy who was raised to hate and kill her. Elements of betrayal play along with Amelia’s self-discovery and a surprise twist turns her journey into a battle of life and death…

Why did I write What Lies inside? Following the birth of my son, via emergency C-section and with the onset of postpartum depression after many resulting issues, I got heavily back into reading. It was my escape from reality. The only problem was that the stories I was reading didn’t speak to the pain I was feeling. So I had an idea, a last stitch effort to reach out for something to hold on to.

This was my light bulb moment.

I would write my own story, the story I wanted and needed to read, and a story where the turmoil of my current and previous struggles were the driving force.

That day the first words to What Lies Inside were written, and something amazing was started. More than an escape, the determination to write this story gave me a purpose. It became a channel to take everything I was feeling—the anger, the regret, the despair, the betrayal, the disappointment and the loneliness—and turn it into an outlet that helped me through one of the darkest periods of my life.

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When you are not writing, how do you like to relax?

I love to read, paranormal romance currently, but also urban fantasy and any kind of supernatural themed books, especially series. I’m much more likely to give a new book a go if it’s a series over a stand-alone. I also get into shows like TVD, Supernatural and The Gates, though with always feeling the itch to keep on writing, I don’t take too much time out to watch these shows. Writing always comes first.

Do you have any tips on how writers can relax?

Find a book, TV show or movie that you love, take a load off and let your mind recharge. Spend time with family and away from your writing. Even though for me this doesn’t stop me thinking about whatever writing I’m currently working on, it usually gives me perspective and new insight by giving my mind time to discover little writing gems rather than trying to force them. Also I find that if I’m tired and getting stuck, I can sit and go around in circles for ages and get nowhere. Making time to walk away and relax always gives your muse the space and creative power to find the answer you’re looking for.

How often do you write? And when do you write?

I write just about every day, though I’ll usually have Sundays off. I tend to start writing in the mornings straight after breakfast, when yesterday’s ideas have had time to stew and my hand is itching to kit a keyboard or pick up pen. Each day I set goals, either word count, number of scenes or chapters, depending on whether I’m writing draft or doing revision and rewrites. I try to take a break around every two hours, and on days when my son’s at kindergarten I can keep going until mid afternoon, which is usually when my brain is feeling pretty fried and fatigued.

Do you have an organized process or tips for writing well? Do you have a writing schedule?

From taking the revision course How To Revise Your Novel, I have developed processes that have vastly improved my writing, especially from first draft. In the beginning I split a story idea into scenes and write a single sentence that encompasses what’s important in that scene. When I have all my scenes down to sentences I’m ready to start writing with a clear idea of the whole story that I’m trying to tell. There are many other aspects and steps I go through from draft to final book, and I strongly recommend Holly Lisle’s above course if you’re a writer who’s finished a book and needs help with revision. She also has other writing courses and they are all worth a look at.

Sometimes it’s so hard to keep at it – What keeps you going?

My love for writing and having set a goal to complete the Blood Bound Series is one major thing that keeps me going. The other is the readers. Every time I get an email, review or new website subscribers, I am reminded that there are people out there that love what I’ve created and can’t wait for the next instalment.

What do you hope people will take away from your writing? How will your words make them feel?

I hope that apart from loving the story I have created along with my characters, that people will find a deeper connect with their own lives. I hope people will see that even when everything is falling apart that there is still hope, that being different (no matter how much) doesn’t make you less of a person, and doesn’t mean you don’t deserve love and acceptance. I hope people come away feeling like they do have someone in their life that has and always will be there for them, and that no matter what, they will never be alone. But in the end I hope people find their own meaning in what I’ve created, a positive that can change, influence or help an area of their lives that they’re struggling with.

What Lies Inside

Amelia Lamont never asked to unleash her inner vampire

Amelia’s normal teen world is shattered when a terrifying nightmare awakens the monster inside her. A newfound, insatiable thirst for blood that leads her to drain the school quarterback is only the beginning; she’s horrified to discover that her family and best friend Kendrick have been harboring the secret all along. And is the strangely alluring boy who seems hell-bent on curbing her murderous, blood-filled desires a friend, or foe?

To escape detection Amelia and her twin brother Dorian are forced to move to a new town, and the challenge of a new, exclusive high school where nearly every classmate smells like prey. Including the irresistible Ty, who seems hauntingly familiar, yet darkly menacing …

Amelia’s disturbing dreams and entanglement in a web of forbidden romance render her increasingly powerless against the chilling lies and secrets of vampire power struggles. And, as she soon discovers, vampire politics mixed with outlawed love can be a lethal cocktail.

Falling in love may just cost Amelia everything: her friends, her family…even her life

Move over Twilight, True Blood and Underworld! J.L. Myers’ first book in the Blood Bound series will have you swooning for more!

Warning – This book contains some language and sexual situations.

YA/ Vampire/ Paranormal Fiction

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Genre – YA Paranormal Romance

Rating – PG-13+

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