Author Interview – Sarah Daltry @SarahDaltry

Can you tell us about your main character?

Lily is almost 19 and a freshman in college. She’s always had a crush on Derek, her brother’s best friend. When she was a senior in high school, she got her chance with them and they’ve been dating since. However, now that she is going off to school (not the same school as Derek), she can’t seem to figure out what she wants. She feels disconnected from her new friends, but there doesn’t seem to be much left at home for her, either. Lily hopes Derek will remain her one constant, but he’s changing, too.

What was the hardest part about writing this book?

I wonder if people will really care about the angsty problems of college relationships!

How much of the book is realistic?

It’s extremely realistic. Although Lily has a very different experience than my own college experiences, she’s still similar in the way that she’s just trying to make sense of everything. The relationship drama (and melodrama), the black and white emotional distinctions, the raging sex drives – all of these are typical of college for many people.

Have you included a lot of your life experiences, even friends, in the plot?

Outside of the fact that I went to college, not really. I used elements of things in my own life and characteristics of people I know, but no – reading this would not give a person any insight into my actual life.

How important do you think villains are in a story?

In this book, there are no real villains. However, I like this question. I think villains are important in books where the conflict is external. I also think that they need to be sympathetic in some way. I don’t like villains who are just bad – unless they are side characters. I like being able to understand where the villain is coming from, even if I disagree. It’s far more engaging that way.

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Genre – New Adult Erotic Romance

Rating – X

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