BoX by Lucas Heath @LucasHeathBooks

2: Chuck and Elisa

The room was silent as her eyes fluttered open. She stared at the glowing white ceiling of the cube and a smile formed at the corners of her mouth. She had done it. She had successfully committed suicide and was now in Heaven. She sat up slowly, her head pounding to its own beat. The light only added to her headache. She looked down at the black cross tattooed onto the back of her dark brown hand. Even from looking upside down, she could see her name, Elisa, embroidered into the grey sweatshirt she now wore. Wasn’t she supposed to get a new body?

Elisa finally stood and gazed around the room with a look of confusion prominently displayed on her face. Could she be in a holding room before seeing God? That didn’t sound right. The glowing walls seemed to dim as if answering her mental plea for less light. In the center of the room rose a pedestal with a gun resting on top. She walked over and studied it.

“Where am I?” The words escaped her mouth in a British accent and echoed as though she were in a cave or tunnel. “This can’t be hell, can it? It’s too beautiful.” She dismissed the gun and began walking around the room, looking for any clues that would define her reality.

Elisa’s mind began racing at the possibilities of her location. Perhaps she had been abducted by aliens after she took the pills. No, that idea was absurd. Maybe someone had found her dying and called for help. Perhaps they had locked her in a mental hospital, though that wouldn’t explain the gun in the center of the room, and the walls would be padded.

“Hello, can anyone hear me?” She called out as she looked toward the ceiling corners, hoping to see a camera watching her. “Hello?” The thick accent filled the room once more and Elisa finally sat down cross legged on the cold glowing floor. Perhaps she was supposed to wait for an angel to come get her. She leaned up against a wall and closed her eyes. Other than her breathing and the pounding of her head, there were no noises she could hear coming from anywhere, as though the strange cube was soundproof. She expected to at least hear harps playing.

Another possibility nagged at her. Perhaps the pills put her into a coma and this was just a dream. That theory seemed more likely, considering her situation didn’t match up to what she had grown up learning in church. She didn’t feel depressed anymore, that was obvious, and she enjoyed the mental freedom. Perhaps the cube represented her brain and she was trapped inside. As long as she wouldn’t have to face the outside world, she was content with where she was.



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Genre –  Thriller / SciFi

Rating – PG13

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